Works / Topographia 2009: Gallery fortyfive downstairs Melbourne / Salt 1-4

Salt 1-4 2009 by Antonia Chaffey

Salt 1-4  2009

Pigment & acrylic medium on clear sized Caravaggio linen

27cm x 18 cm each


This suite of paintings examines the effect of cotton farming in arid regions, and the resultant rise in salinity, staining the earth's surface as it's crust takes on a different hue.

The Topographia series looks at the effects of time and human interventioon in the Murray Darling Basin. My concern with the view from above has led me back to my earlier roots in abstraction: a place where I can play endlessly with the form laid out before me.  Now, GPS enables cultivators to design and follow a plan, make perfect angles, and rearrange nature to fit in with agribusiness, depending on available water. Grid upon grid, crop rotation and seasonal shifts form gauze-like patterns over the ancient sea bed.