Works / The Distal Zone # 2 2012 - 2016 / Now and Then

Now and Then 2016 by Antonia Chaffey

Now and Then  2016

Pigment & acrylic medium on Caravaggio linen

27cm x 91cm (quintych)

With adverbs of time and place as metaphor, this series continues my preoccupation with the fragile ecology of the Murray Darling Basin, once a seabed, in Australia’s mid-north eastern region. Water, and its playmate geological matter, coupled with the patterns of modern agriculture, reveals some seemingly ‘unnatural’ colours. 


When viewed from above, in all its abstraction, parcels of land and shallow-grown heavily assisted crops, such as cotton and canola with their vivid seasonal colours and pollen drifts, vibrate against the earthen palette.