Monday 1140 Profile - Antonia Chaffey

ABC Radio National: from 1997 to 2009

Interview on ABC Radio National Bush Telegraph with Michael McKenzie, re exhibiton Topographia at Fortyfive downstairs,  6th April 2009

ABC Rural: Interview by Cathy Prior 17/4/2009


'My Space' The Age: Interview with Megan Backhouse 2010

 Palimpsest # 4 Interview with Julie Copeland, ABC Radio National Arts Talk, 2001

Hearing Your Place - Acoustic ecology:

See under Works: article

Australian Sound Design Project Interview with Julia Copeland, ABC Radio National

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Chaffey family history:


Mildura Arts Centre:


Wish you were here - Penrith Artist Led Projects (Wales):

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Just Add Water: Australian National Archives Canberra:
Touring nationally 2005-2008


“8 x 8” Returning to Pittspace, Melbourne August 8th 2008

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